About the Author

I began writing the Merry Misfit Series after having the privilege of raising, fostering or interacting with many animals. My hope is always to teach young children about  caring, kindness and love towards our precious critters and to each other. Each book is based on true stories, written with love and sprinkled with a bit of faith! Galatians 5:22-23, the “Fruits of the Spirit” are evident with in both books.
The past 2 years I have been ill and recently diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease that’s progressing quickly. I began to pray…”what can I do while I am so weak “. After difficult periods in my own life, I have longed to share the importance of living a fuller life ; healing from our past issues, being present today growing into a more peaceful future. Fast forward, Comfort Bytes a podcast was created. The concept is every day people who need to hear from real people covering topics that may even be hard to discuss ! We walk through this life together, possibly like you,  there has been many struggles. As we face discouragement, negativity creeps in... we must hold onto our faith and what’s important. The comfort we are able to offer each other is so necessary! Let’s heal ourselves and our worthy relationships, grow in our faith, enjoy a more positive, peaceful life. We can live every day intentionally! God bless you all!